3 Easy Ways to Switch to Natural Skin Products

Nicole Boshell

1. Use essential oils! Essential oils can be useful for so many things. Peppermint essential oil is a great pain reliever. Mix peppermint essential oil with coconut oil and rub on a bit on the neck right beneath your ears, on your wrist, and maybe even a touch under your nose. Never apply essential oils without some kind of lotion or pasty oil as essential oils may cause irritation or burning effect when used at full strength. Using as a paste, breath natures oils in and feel your headache or pains drift away. Try this instead of Tylenol or other over the counter medication that causes damage to your liver and other organs.

2. Lemon for rough skin or dry patches. Cut a lemon and rub the lemon on your knees, heels, or where ever your scaly type skin is and then rinse. The citrus acid will act as a remover for the dead skin and new fresh skin will be revealed. You will notice a difference very quickly. Do this instead of using commercial creams with harsh chemicals. Nature provides us with natural acids that are much healthier!
3. Coconut oil is an amazing mask for your hair. Put coconut oil in your hair overnight for the best results. Wash it out in the morning then style as normal. Coconut oil will put the moisture back in your locks of hair and help with drying and even dead ends. Coconut oil is even helpful in protecting your hair against saltwater. Maybe wear some to the beach. This is much better than commercial masks that have sulfates strong enough to clean your garage floor. You don't even want to know what that is doing to your hair. Yikes!
It's easier than you think.  Going natural. It's fun to experiment and find out what remedies work best for you. Plus, being natural feels incredible. We are positive you will love these tips. Feel beautiful with natural choices. www.naturaldesiressoapco.com

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