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nicole boshell

Beauty is far more than what you see! As founder of Natural Desires Soap Company & maker of natural spa products. I say phrases like “beautiful clear skin”, “soft glowing sun kissed skin”, “cleanse your pores for a flawless brighter skin tone” because of my phrases and the title I carry, I feel even more compelled to let you know that your looks are NOT what make you beautiful. Do I think it’s important to take care of your skin? Yes. Do I think you feel good when you have healthy skin? Absolutely! But your beauty is not defined by your healthy or flawless skin. Nor is it defined by your perfect eyeliner or your stylish boots or your perfect teeth. Your beauty comes from within. Your heart, thoughts & actions make the difference in your glamour. The choices you make, the kindness you share, the hug you offer to a friend in need, is what makes you beautiful.
 I know you have heard this all before, but I also want to mention another big reason you may have a hard time valuing your inner beauty, your mistakes. Those moments in your life that when you were not so proud. You forgot someone’s birthday, you raised your voice at your children, you said hateful words to your husband out of anger,.. or worse. You have to realize because of those moments you have learned to improve your future. Your misshapes have taught you & have made you even more strong & gorgeous.
 Stop comparing yourself to others. Stop trying to buy beauty and please stop hating what you see in the mirror every morning. Follow your heart! It was uniquely made for greatness. Turn on that song ‘beautiful’ by Christina Aguilera & decide to let go of what bothers you about your looks & move on from the little things you think you didn’t do well enough. When you move forward you will embrace the beauty inside. Your perspective will change and you will realize that you are more stunning than you ever knew. ⁣

Your Messy Soap Maker,⁣

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