Cosmetics for your Feminine Spot

Nicole Boshell

Hey ladies, let's get serious for just a moment.
Experts have stated that we spend well over $2 billion on feminine products like pads, feminine washes, tampons, sprays, and personal wipes. However, a bunch of research exists on how chemicals in these products badly affect women's health.
Feminine care products ARE NOT just your average cosmetics because they are used on your body's sensitive and absorbent parts. Companies offer an abundance of feminine care products, but many of these products contain ingredients that should NOT go anywhere near your sensitive area! They may cause irritation & itching and, upset the pH balance of your particular spot & can cause an odor or discharge.
Being mindful of feminine hygiene is undoubtedly essential. I am not trying to make you worry here. I am just trying to educate & help us all stay healthy & prevent complications.
We have a Honey Spot (Feminine Wash) Soap that is carefully formulated with nature's ingredients to gently wash your most sensitive private spot. Honey Spot Soap is unscented, giving your precious area the freedom to maintain its natural ph balance. It's overloaded with greek yogurt probiotics to keep your honey spot healthy. Pure plant oils help eliminate and prevent bacteria, itchiness, and inflammation. Please think about your body and, if not, your entire body.
Your Messy Soap Maker,

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