Feed Your Creative Soul

Nicole Boshell

As a child, we are taught to express ourselves and be creative. We usually have creative hobbies like singing, playing softball, painting, cheerleading or gardening. ⁣
Somewhere along the way, we get shown that we are not good enough at it or we are not going to excel or make a living off our creative hobbies or crafts. Sometimes it’s said by a parent or a friend and other times it’s just implied when we get asked what we are doing after high school. ⁣
When this happens we get stripped from our creativity because it’s not important therefore, we stop doing it. ⁣
To be honest this saddens me. There are so many creative souls in the world that need to be let free to create. It doesn’t matter if you're going to make a living of it or if it just makes you smile. It’s worth doing if you enjoy it. Having a creative hobby is helpful for us when we are dealing with uncertainties, processing self-expression, striving for mental growth, are coping with feelings, need new ways of problem-solving, and need a lift in our spirit. ⁣
We shouldn’t deprive ourselves of this. There is room for hobbies in our lives. There is a joy to be brought from it and it is worth it, just because it makes you feel freaking good! Today I want to explore one creative hobby ⁣
because deserve it. If anyone has something to say about it, just say the messy soap maker suggested it.😂

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