Goat Milk! It Doesn't Get Any Better.

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     Goat Milk! It Doesn't Get Any Better.
       Goat Milk has incredible properties and benefits. Nature always provides us with what we need. Goats are one of our sources of dairy. We use this to make goat cheese and goat milk. Goat Milk has less lactose than cows’ milk, which means it has less sugar. Less sugar is always a healthier choice. Goat Milk has more potassium, vitamin A, and even more calcium. Goat Milk is extremely high in protein and fat.

  Even though you may not love Goat Milk in your daily food diet, you will love what it will do for your skin. Goat Milk contains alpha-hydroxy acids that will remove dead skin cells from your skins’ surface. Meaning your new skin cells will be revealed leaving your skin smoother, glowing, and younger looking. The vitamin A it contains also helps to repair damaged tissue.

    Goat Milk has a lot of fatty creams. This makes it extremely nourishing. With Goat Milks’ ability to break the bonds of dead skin cells, nourish, and exfoliate Goat Milk is an amazing base for soap. Who knew goats could help us take care of our skin?  We believe in making your skin better by using the best minerals nature has provided.

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