Money Saving Beauty Tips

Nicole Boshell

Money Saving Beauty Tips
   So, ladies we know all now that keeping up with your skin, hair, nails and everything can get a little pricey. Here are some money saving tips that will help you save and let you know which products you don't really need. 
 If you would like to rock your natural nails or toenails with clear polish or even no polish at all or maybe you have yellow tint from other polishes or they are just not as white as you would like. Don't cover them back up. Use tooth paste! Yes, we know that sounds silly, but it works.  Just as your tooth paste helps whiten your teeth it will help whiten your nails. Scrub your nails with tooth paste, leave it for about 10 minutes, and they will be clean and white. Natural is beautiful! 
 Save the powder! If you have powder or bronzer and it's not even close to gone and it cracks, you may think you need to throw it out and buy a new one. That cost more money! Just simply pour your powder in a Ziploc style bag. When you getting ready for a night out. Just put your brush in the bag and voila!  Your powder is ready for use. Note: If you have the cheap bags you may want to double bag. This way you will have your powder until it runs out.
  Hot oil hair mask. We would be surprised if you don't have oil in your kitchen. But if you don't then you need to buy some. Coconut oil is amazing for so many things such as skin, hair, weight loss. Instead of buying an expensive mask to use on your hair to use only once. Use something just as amazing, has multiple uses, and will save you money. There are many oils that are beneficial for your hair. Palm oil, tea tree oil, olive oil, avocado oil and sweet almond oil are some examples. For best results warm the oil or mixture of oils until melted and lather your hair with it. Leave in overnight and wash out in the morning. This will help keep moisture in your hair and it’s all natural!
 Face scrubs can get expensive and a silly way to spend your money, when again, all you need to do is go to your kitchen. Make a cinnamon and honey mixture and now you have a natural face scrub. It will smell amazing, exfoliate, and moisturize like no other. Without all the harsh chemicals. 

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