My Transition to Natural Soap

Nicole Boshell

My switch to natural soap happened about 2 years ago, and it has been the best change I have ever made for my skin. It feels and looks healthier every day. The switch came about when I was working for a company that held spa classes for children. It was very interesting and fun. I learned a ton about soap. I was shocked to realize all the hazardous chemicals, we couldn't use in the children's spa class, were in all my bars of soap at home.
Not happy about what I had been putting on my skin for years and feeling a little annoyed that I was never told this by anyone. I started making my own natural soap. I noticed a difference from the dry itchy feeling I would get about 30 minutes after my bath. It literally felt like little ants were crawling on my skin and I needed lotion immediately and sometimes that feeling would come back again later. If I use an unnatural shampoo my back will even get the ant crawling sensation from the detergent running out my hair and down my back.  When my soaping suds in my tub come from a natural soap bar, I never get this feeling!
I don't consider my skin sensitive yet switching to natural has still changed my skin for the better. Shaving with natural soap instead of shaving cream is amazing. You know how after the shower your legs sometimes have an ashy look before you lotion them. That doesn't happen to me. Natural soap hydrates and leaves my legs soft after shaving. My face is clear of any acne if I wash it every night (sometimes I'm a little lazy) with natural green tea soap and softer than ever.
You can read all day about how natural is better but feeling and seeing the difference is the proof in the pudding. I am so happy with my switch and I really wish I had done it a lot sooner.

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