What's Real Soap?

Nicole Boshell

Today while blending our Lemon Honey Natural Handmade Soap mixture I was deep in thought. I couldn’t help but think that a large amount of people have never used a natural handmade soap before. In fact, most people have never used real soap before at all. Wait…what?⁣
Take a look at commercial products sold most stores, you won’t find the term “soap” on many products packages. Most say something like, beauty bar or refreshing bar that is because commercial “soap” sold in stores is commonly made with synthetic lathering agents, chemical detergents, and hardeners. Most of these ingredients are irritating, drying & problematic when put on the skin. These ingredients become an even bigger problem when used daily because they soak into your bloodstream.⁣
On the other hand, natural handcrafted soaps are created with oils, liquid and lye do not contain any harsh ingredients and they actually qualify as “soap”. Also, remember when done correctly there is no lye present in the soap after 4 days, however, lye is always needed at the beginning of making real soap.⁣
You only get one set of skin in your life. Think about how you're treating it. ⁣
Your Messy Soap Maker,⁣

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