Why Sea Salt?

Nicole Boshell

Why Sea Salt?
Some people just don't know why sea salt is so helpful to your skin? Doesn't salt water dry you out when you’re in the ocean?  Well, unlike the ocean, sea salt in your bath or in your soap can help with so many conditions. But please listen to your doctor and don't ingest too much salt, that is a totally different situation...haha.
Let me inform you of sea salt rewards that you should be soaking up at least once a week. Sea salt has over 20 minerals that are healthy for you. Minerals like zinc, calcium, potassium, magnesium, and sodium. These minerals nourish your body in so many ways. Do you have trouble sleeping? An estimated 60% of Americans have trouble sleeping and sometimes it's because of lack of magnesium. There is an easy way to get magnesium.  Soak it up in your bath or use a salt bar and you will sleep better at night.
Say goodbye to Eczema and hello to sea salt clear skin! Sea salt will detoxify and cleanse your skin from the allergens your skin is exposed to every day, Normal unsalted tap water will not. Sea salt will reduce the irritated skin leaving your skin more pure and healthy.
Sea salt is beneficial for so much more like arthritis, psoriasis, and stress. We could seriously tell you about how amazing sea salt is all day long. If you use it right, it is a miracle worker. We have two amazing sea salt bars. Caramel Salt Bar and Tropical Paradise. We also have Lavender bath salts that will really help you sleep. Customize with or without Lavender herbs. We are making great skin care easy. Soak up our sea salt rewards in your bath tonight.

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