About us

We are Natural Desires Soap Company. Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us. We are a company committed to providing the best quality and most creative natural goat milk soap available on the market. We believe skin care should be taken seriously. We make taking care of your skin easy. We use pure plant oils and butters and custom essential oil blends. Our handmade process allows us to use the most beneficial ingredients to nourish your skin and customize your soap to your specific desires or choose from our favorite combinations.

Starting up Natural Desires Soap Company has turned one my favorite hobby's into life's passion. I love being creative with my soap recipes and designs. Using natural goat milk soap has improved my skin tremendously and I love the way it feels just knowing I'm using natures ingredients instead of chemicals.  


 Family owned and operated, we love teaching these guys how to make soap and tell them about all the benefits of going natural.

Based in Jacksonville FL we take skin care seriously.  The sun can do its best but these goat milk soaps keep our skin nourished, rejuvenated, moisturized, healthy and clean.

 We use all natural ingredients such as honey for the many health benefits, but it almost makes you want to have your mouth washed out. 


Organic Honey is incredibly good for your skin.  We love adding it into our soaps!

It makes us smile :)

Handmade Honey Oatmeal Soap