Beachy Clean Soap

Beachy Clean Soap

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Pixie Garden Soap is a Specialty Soap Creation that will only be available while supplies last!

Our Beachy Clean Soap is formulated with chemical-free ingredients to nourish your skin while transporting you to a sun-kissed happy place. The authentic essential oils blend in this soap creates a slightly, masculine, pristine, fresh aroma. Beachy Clean is made with aloe vera, plant oils, and is topped with a dried-out sea sponge. The sea sponge will last you long after the soap is gone and creates an invigorating exfoliating side. Washing away dull dead skin for a more smooth appearance. The summer bubble will never end.

Purely homemade in Jacksonville, FL USA
100 % JUNK FREE Soap
Cold Process Soap
Made with therapeutic essential oils

4 oz Soap

Ingredients: saponified organic coconut oil, castor oil, olive oil, sunflower oil, shea butter, aloe vera, water, indigo powder, alkanet root, Brazilian yellow clay, kaolin clay, pine essential oil, fir needle essential oil, sandalwood essential oil, cedarwood essential oil, teakwood essential oil, dried sea sponge, pink Himalayan salt, poppy seeds
A sacred exfoliating wash topped with a golden sea sponge your skin will never forget. 

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