Blueberry Orange Soap
Blueberry Orange Soap

Blueberry Orange Soap

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This is a Specialty Summer Collection Soap this means there was a specific amount made & it will only be available while supplies last.

Blueberry Orange Soap will have your shower filled bright orange essential oil notes. It;s infused with blueberry tea antioxidants, Vitamin C, and anti-inflammatory properties keeping your skin in good health. Nutrient rich indigo powder supports over all skin health. Lathering up will make you feel like your in a shower of orange groves in summer as everything around you blooms.
Purely homemade in Jacksonville, FL USA
100 % JUNK FREE Soap
Cold Process Soap
Made with therapeutic essential oils
4-4.5 oz Soap

Ingredients: saponified organic coconut oil, castor bean oil, olive oil, orange essential oil,
lemongrass essential oil, cedarwood essential oil, indigo powder, blue cornmeal flower infused oil, dried oranges, dried blueberries
If your skin is dry, it is not your skin's fault- it is your soap! Commercial store bought soaps remove beneficial ingredients & replace them with harsh chemicals to create a cheaper priced bar of soap, or should we say "bar of junk." Your skin needs real gentle natural homemade soap. 
We believe in pure natural soap ingredients. 
We believe in pure natural soap ingredients. Our dedication to you is why we choose the best vitamin-filled plant oils to make our soaps. We take pride in creating small batch cold process soap to ensure hydration every oz. We combine that with our custom organic plant oil blend to provide nourished, clear, pure, smooth skin.

Please note that every handmade soap may vary slightly in color and or design.


 Give your skin the citrus bliss touch of orange & blueberries. Your skin craves it. 

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