Enchanted Snowflake Soap

Enchanted Snowflake Soap

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Keep your skin fresh with a flurry of soothing cucumber citrus.  Enchanted Snowflake Soap is made with real purée cucumber, creamy vitamins, overloaded goat milk, kaolin clay, and citrus essential oils. No flakey skin with this snowflake soap! Pure plants oils were hand picked to truly nourish dry skin through this winter season.

Purely homemade in USA


Cold process

Made with therapeutic essential oils

4 oz

Nourish & cleanse

Ingredients: saponified organic coconut oil, castor bean oil, olive oil, sunflower oil, shea butter, sugar, kaolin clay, german blue chamomile oil, blue cornmeal, indigo powder, cranberry seed oil, sweet orange essential oil, sweet lemon essential oil, sweet fennel essential oil, bergamot essential oil

Keeping your as fresh as newly fallen snow.

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