Grumpy Gum Ball Soap
Grumpy Gum Ball Soap
Grumpy Gum Ball Soap

Grumpy Gum Ball Soap

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Grumpy Gum Ball Soap is a Specialty Soap! This means only a limited quantity were made. That means Grumpy Gum Ball Soap is only available while supplies last!

This cheerful season we have a resting grinch faced soap. Creamy goat milk lathering bubbles will fill your shower with a woodsy Christmas tree aroma. Green with spinach powder, wood essential oil blends & pure plants oils to gently nourish your skin. Handcrafted charcoal piped on grumpy face for silly Christmas joy. Who said natural had to be plain?

Purely homemade in the USA

Cold process
Made with therapeutic essential oils
3.5 oz

Ingredients: saponified organic coconut oil, castor oil, olive oil, sunflower oil, shea butter, spinach powder, kaolin clay, red clay, activated charcoal, myrrh essential oil, cypress essential oil, pine essential oil, sandalwood essential oil, cedarwood  essential oil blends (Click Here to Learn More About each ingredient)

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