Sack of Suds
Sack of Suds
Sack of Suds

Sack of Suds

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Gently exfoliate with the most efficient sack is overloaded with Sudsy Soap bits, junks, and crumbles! With this exfoliating soap saver sack soap, you don't have to worry about holding onto those slippery bars. Your sack will be packed with 8 to 8.5 ounces of a variety of soap pieces and botanicals. After you use up all your sudsy bits you can reuse your sack. Simply pop the soap into the sack, run underwater, and lather up! The best part about these is that after you're done the washing up you can hang this in your shower and let it dry- No fussing with soap dishes or gooey shower shelves. 

Sack made with naturally derived sisal from the agave plant
100% Waste Free
Handmade Soap in Jacksonville FL
8 oz of Soap
Ingredients: A VARIETY OF Saponified Plant Oils, Clays, Plants Herbs & Botanicals, Plant Essential Oils

Exfoliate your skin with a HUGE natural Sack of Suds!

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