Shaving With Goat Milk Soap

Nicole Boshell

Shaving With Goat Milk Soap
  Almost all of us Americans shave, some shave every single day. Let's at least choose to shave using the most invigorating way possible. Rubbing sharp razors against our skin can be painful. It can cause many unwanted side effects and damage to your skin. But when you have the right product in between your skin and the razor. It makes a world of a difference! 
  Your shaving cream can be playing a part in your skins’ irritation, stinging, burning sensation, shave bumps and more. Shaving cream contains mineral oils. Mineral oils will clog your pores and increase skin irritation. If you get ingrown hairs often, the mineral oils in your shaving cream could be the cause. It's shocking that the FDA ever approved this to be in any skin care product. 
   Tin cans of shaving cream are extremely popular all over the world and have been since the 1950s. Even though these cans have sneaky little chemicals that are harming us. Chemicals like prophylene glycol have been studied found to be the cause allergies and even contribute to the development of asthma and eczema. Men are putting this on their faces and breathing it in.
  We should start using caring products. All of our honey or coconut goat milk soaps would be an incredible and a SAFE alternative. Organic honey has been proven to be one of the most hydrating and nourishing components for your skin. Coconut oil is very rich in fat. With the fatty acids and antioxidant properties coconut oil is great for preventing skin irritation. You will feel a nice difference during and after shaving with these soaps. They have no links to asthma, irritation, drying, or eczema. Just natures love and care.

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