Summer Is Coming!

Nicole Boshell

Summer Is Coming!
   Summer is on its way and it's coming fast! Is your skin beach ready? Is your skin going to be protected through all the sun’s rays out there this summer? You need to keep your skin just right to show off at the beach as well as keeping it hydrated and healthy. Why not do it all at the same time with an incredible natural bar of soap?
   You can hydrate, keep it healthy, and reduce sun spots with all natural goat milk soap. Here is how it works. The thick creamy goat milk has vitamins to not only add moisture to your skin. It will also help your skin retain its own moisture through all the sun and salt water that it is coming it's way. Goat milk contains an amazing mineral called selenium. Selenium is believed by researchers to play role in preventing cancer and it also protects your skin from damage when in the sun for long periods of time. Selenium is in every single bar we make.
   Don't want any dry dark spots? The vitamins in goat milk soap helps prevent dark spots and create glowing younger looking skin. Our goat milk soap also contains alpha hydroxy acids that break down and remove dead skin cells. When dead skin cells are removed, this takes away the appearance of darks spots and shows your more youthful looking skin for the glow we all want. The more you use natural goat milk soap the better your skin will begin to look. Other soaps made with detergents leave residue mixed in with your dead skin cells and the dead cells don't even get washed away! We know you can't see it but it is there and your skin will show it one day. So take care of your skin now.
   Hydrate, exfoliate, eliminate bacteria and dark spots, and create a glow. But most of all love your skin and have it looking incredible for this summer and more to come. Use our homemade recipe of goat milk soap for beach worthy natural beautiful skin!

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