We can all use More COURAGE

Nicole Boshell

We can all use a little more courage!
Let me start with a genuine statement that used to be in my head. 'I can't be a business owner, it's too hard' I had a fear of a task that audacious. Never in a million years did I think I could be where I am today. Fear was very present in my mind. It mines as well have been written in red sharpie on my forehead.
I felt fear offering a product I made.
I felt fear when I first posted a picture of myself as the maker behind these products.
I thought, 'what if they like the product but not the maker.'
Non-business related
I felt fear that I wasn't going to be a good mom.
I felt fear when I gained a little weight.
I felt fear of being vulnerable in a new relationship.
I felt fear when a big change was ahead.
I say these in past tense because some of these statements I have overcome and by having faith and tapping into the little bit of the courage I have, but some of these fear statements still haunt me. (the gaining weight one)
At a high vibe #risexlive virtual courage conference Saturday. I was taught that if we concentrate on courage, it will expand, and if we concentrate on fear, it will expand. Fear is a reaction we often give light to, but courage is a decision that often takes us out of our comfort zone. Where life-changing experiences often happen.
Although I'm terrified on occasion, I want to focus on courage more. It doesn't mean that my fear monster will disappear. It just means I'm going to ignoring it.
I want you to know that no one is more special, talented, or loved than any on else. Every single one of us has fear, just like every single one of us has gifts that need to be shared. Do not let fear cloud the real you. Do not let what you really want fade away. Do not let crises move you!
You have the power to conquer. You can overcome your fears. You do have more courage than you think. Stand up strong, be brave, and choose courage to share your beautiful, imperfect, true self. The people in this world need you to do so.

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