Honey Spot Soap (Feminine Wash)
Honey Spot Soap (Feminine Wash)

Honey Spot Soap (Feminine Wash)

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Honey Spot Soap is carefully formulated with nature’s ingredients to wash your most sensitive private spot gently. Honey Spot Soap is unscented, giving your precious area the freedom to maintain its natural ph balance. It’s overloaded with greek yogurt probiotic to keep you spot healthy. Pure plant oils help to eliminate and prevent bacteria, itchiness, and inflammation.


Purely homemade in Jacksonville, FL USA

100 % JUNK FREE Soap

Cold Process Soap

No essential oil or fragrance oils


4-4.5 oz Soap

Made for the specifically feminine area. Great for your entire body.

Ingredients: saponified organic coconut oil, olive oil, grape seed oil, organic Greek yogurt, goat milk, honey

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 (Watch this soap being made here)

Harsh chemicals in commercial store-bought soaps can throw off your ph balance, causing odor and making you're prone to infection and irritation, itchiness. We believe your special place deserves a pure wash to keep your body healthy.

Give your special honey spot the sensitive cleanse it deserves.

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